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Shelf Company in Labuan

Updated on Monday 11th June 2018

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Shelf-company-in-Labuan.jpgA shelf company in Labuan is a ready-made company with no activities and which addresses to both local and foreign investors who want to enter the Malaysian business market in a fast manner. The characteristics of shelf companies in Labuan often stand at the base of the decision of purchasing such business structure instead of forming a new one from scratch. If you are a foreign investor looking for company formation in Labuan, we suggest you address your questions to our team of company incorporation agents in Labuan. Our team has a wide experience in company formation for entrepreneurs from abroad.

What is a shelf company in Labuan?

An aged corporation or a shelf company as it is known is the type of firm already created in Labuan, without any activities, and left on a shelf to age. This type of company is mostly directed to foreign investors who do not want to wait for the registration process in Labuan to be completed. Among the advantages of a shelf company in Labuan, we mention the following:
  • shelf companies have a business history and are suitable for any sector of interest;
  • having a history behind make the company credible in front of banks, providers, and future customers;
  • with such company, shareholders can easily access bank loans in Labuan;
  • there is no incorporation process and entrepreneurs can start the activities immediately.

Who can purchase shelf companies in Labuan?

Any local or foreign businessman who wants to set up a business in Labuan can buy a ready-made company instead of creating a new one. We remind that our company formation representatives in Labuan are at your disposal with complete information about how companies are incorporated and about how you can open a Labuan offshore company.

Does a shelf company in Labuan have debts?

No, shelf companies in Labuan are not subject to any liabilities or debts, as they are enterprises that have no recorded activities on the market.

Why should I purchase a shelf company in Labuan?

If you would like to operate in Labuan, Malaysia, in a fast manner, it is recommended to seek information about shelf companies that can be bought immediately. Let our team of advisors offer you support and details when purchasing a ready-made firm in Labuan.

What are the necessary documents for a shelf company in Labuan?

If you would like to acquire a ready-made company in Labuan you should prepare the signatures of the stockholders, of the managers, the relevant statutory declaration forms, and the identification documents.

How much does it take to own a shelf company in Labuan?

The ownership transfer of a shelf company in Labuan takes approximately two days. Also, it is good to know that such enterprises can have local or foreign directors as part of the management board.
We invite you to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in Labuan for in-depth support when purchasing a ready-made company or when registering a Labuan trust company.


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