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Why is Labuan an Important Location for Setting up a Company

Updated on Tuesday 28th August 2018

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why-is-labuan-an-important-location-for-setting-up-a-company.jpgLabuan is a special region of Malaysia, which is considered the most important offshore center in the country and one of the most representatives in the Asian region. Labuan has attracted over the years numerous businessmen from around the world interested in opening a company in Malaysia, as the business environment is very appealing in terms of taxation, ownership policies, incorporation procedures, and many others. Our team of specialists in company formation in Malaysia can offer an in-depth presentation on the Labuan business environment and offer legal assistance for the registration of a new business.

Taxation regime in Labuan, Malaysia 

The taxation of a company registered in Labuan is performed in a different manner compared to the applicable legislation in Malaysia. In this sense, companies registered here follow the rules and regulations of the Labuan Business Activity Tax Act, which prescribes a 3% tax on the company’s income. Another option for the investor is a fixed tax of US$ 6,000 and the businessman is the one who can choose which system fits better with his business plans. However, it is necessary to know that those who choose the second option are not required to perform audit activities; our team of company incorporation representatives in Malaysia can offer more details on the corporate taxation applicable in Labuan. 
Investors can set up a company in Malaysia with non-trading activities (holding company), which is fully exempted of the corporate tax. 
Those who are interested in company formation in Labuan, Malaysia, should also know that, in this jurisdiction, the following taxes are not applicable: 
•    sales tax;
•    value added tax;
•    custom duties;
•    stamp duties. 
Here is a video about the reasons why you should open a company in Labuan:


Company Incorporation in Labuan, Malaysia 

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Labuan, Malaysia should know that the company can have 100% foreign ownership and it can be incorporated by only one shareholder. The company needs only one director, who can be the same person as the shareholder. The minimum share capital of a Labuan company is $1 and the registration procedure is simple and it can be performed without the presence of the shareholder in the country. 
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the main reasons to establish a business in Labuan can address to our team of company formation agents in Malaysia for assistance. 


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