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Company Formation in Victoria, Labuan

Updated on Thursday 27th December 2018

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Trade-Register-in-Labuan.jpgThe Federal Territory of Labuan is represented by Victoria, the capital of the offshore jurisdiction, a preferred business destination for many investors from abroad. Having a company in Victoria, Labuan means developing important business operations not only in the capital but also with significant connections on an international scale. If you would like to register a company in Labuan, we invite you to address your inquiries to our team of company formation agents in Malaysia and solicit complete assistance and information.

How can I open an IBC in Victoria, Labuan?

The Labuan International Company or IBC as it is known can be the proper option for foreigners looking to invest in Victoria and benefit from a series of tax advantages. The IBC in Labuan, Malaysia is registered in complete agreement with the rules and regulations imposed by the Central Bank of Malaysia, the Inland Revenue Authority and by the Labuan Financial Services Authorities. The Immigration Department in Malaysia is also the institution that oversees the procedure on the IBC registration in Victoria, Labuan. As soon as the internal structure and the Articles of Association have been established, the incorporation of an IBC in Victoria will be just a simple formality. Among the benefits of an IBC in Labuan, we mention the minimum share capital of 1 USD, a 3% tax imposed on the company’s net profits and complete ownership in the firm. All aspects related to the registration of an IBC in Victoria can be explained by our company formation representatives in Labuan who can also offer assistance in formality matters with the authorities in charge.

Can I establish a branch in Victoria?

Yes, a company from abroad can easily set up a branch in Victoria, Labuan with the mention that it can operate under the rules of a limited liability company in Labuan which is the common business structure available. The approvals for your branch in Labuan are also issued by the authorities in charge of IBCs in this jurisdiction. One must know that a work permit visa for foreign investors needs to be issued at the time you wish to establish a branch. Also, if you would like a representative for your branch in Victoria, please feel free to get in touch with our team of consultants who can act on behalf of foreign investors at any time. Having no corporate tax means taking advantage of the beneficial tax structure in Labuan, Malaysia.

Can I establish a subsidiary in Victoria?

Yes, just like in the case of branches, companies can easily establish subsidiaries in Victoria, the capital of Labuan. Being an independent legal entity, a subsidiary in Labuan can be registered under a different name, however, the final approvals are issued by the Companies Commission of Malaysia. The board of managers mentioned by the Articles of Association, the name of the foreign owners and of the appointed representative with residency in Victoria are a few of the requirements for setting up a subsidiary in Labuan. Let us handle all the procedures involved in a subsidiary registration on your behalf.

Setting up a trust in Labuan

Labuan trusts can be represented by legal entities or by natural persons who can legally manage the assets on behalf of a domestic beneficiary or from abroad. A Labuan trust is established by foreigners looking to open a company in Victoria and benefit from a special tax regime.

Company formation services we can provide in Victoria

Our company formation specialists in Victoria are here to help foreign investors establish their operations in this offshore jurisdiction in respect with the applicable laws. We can provide complete support in documents preparation, registering for tax purposes in Malaysia, company registration with the entitled authorities and also in matters like the following:
  • acquiring a shelf company in Victoria, Labuan (we can oversee the entire procedure);
  • tax advice and planning for foreign investors looking to enter the business market in Victoria;
  • you can also receive accounting services for your company in Victoria;
  • we can provide you with information about the virtual office packages you can purchase in Victoria, Labuan.
Feel free to ask for information in any of the above-mentioned matters if you want to open a company in Victoria, Labuan. We can help you in matters of company formation in Labuan, regardless of the chosen structure for business and further activities.
We invite you to get in touch with our team of company incorporation agents in Labuan and solicit complete information about how to open a company in Victoria. We are at your disposal with complete company formation services.

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