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Labuan Securities License

Updated on Tuesday 08th May 2018

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labuan-securities-license.jpgIn order to perform business activities on the investment market in Labuan, Malaysia, the investors will require obtaining securities licenses, which are issued for specific financial activities. Labuan offers an attractive business environment, appealing to foreign investors due to a relaxed tax regime. Those who are interested in company formation in Malaysia, Labuan can start their business operations much faster than in the case of companies registered elsewhere in the country and our team of company incorporation representatives in Malaysia can offer their assistance for any part of the registration process, including the one referring at obtaining Labuan securities licenses. 

Securities license law in Labuan, Malaysia 

Securities licenses in Labuan, Malaysia, are issued in accordance with the regulations of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010, which prescribes the types of business activities which can receive this license and our team of company incorporation agents in Malaysia can provide further information on the provisions of the law. 
Part IV of the legislation states the following business operations that require securities license: 
•    businesses which offer investment advice services;
•    administration services;
•    companies dealing with securities;
•    other business activities included in the Labuan Act. 
The region of Labuan is also strongly represented by the Muslim society, which performs businesses following the rules of Sharia. In this sense, the Labuan authorities are also providing Islamic securities licenses, which comply with the Sharia principles. Moreover, it is also necessary to appoint a representative of the Sharia Advisory Board, as prescribed by the Part V of the Law. 

Obtain securities licenses in Labuan 

Investors who want to open a company in Labuan in the investment field should obtain a securities license, which is issued by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (FSA). In order to obtain a license from the Labuan FSA, the investor should make the proof that he or she has a recognized qualification in the respective field, which require a diploma and minimum 3 years of experience in fund industry or fund management activities. 
Businessmen interested in receiving a Labuan securities license can address to our team of company formation consultants in Malaysia for legal assistance on this matter. 


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