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Open a Website in Labuan

Updated on Thursday 13th September 2018

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Open-a-Website-in-Labuan.jpgInternational entrepreneurs are attracted by the multitude of business openings in Malaysia, including in Labuan, a significant offshore destination.  A company can be sustained by a website which can offer not only information about the products and services available but also details about the prices and the payment methods, among many others. Our company formation agents in Labuan can offer assistance for investors who are interested in opening companies and websites for their businesses in Labuan.

What is the institution that controls the domains in Malaysia?

The Malaysian Network Information Center or the MYNIC controls the web addresses in Malaysia, including in Labuan. MYNIC can provide the necessary support for registering the preferred domain name for your business in Labuan. The following steps concern the registration process of a website in Malaysia:
  • the registration of your domain can be made online on the official website of MYNIC;
  • a name verification is mandatory before the registration process starts;
  • the company’s documents need to be provided at the time of registration;
  • depending on the activities you wish to implement, you need to choose the necessary domain (ex.: commercial, education, military, personal use). 

Who can open a website in Labuan?

Any foreign entrepreneur who is interested in establishing the business presence in Labuan, Malaysia, can decide on opening a website, as long as he/she respects the Commercial Code and the business etiquette, and the regulations imposed. The company formation in Labuan is subject to varied procedures which can be explained by our team of company incorporation specialists in Labuan. Our consultants can handle the steps involved and can help foreigners with the requirements of the registration authorities in Malaysia.

Rules for opening a website in Labuan

The country domain name for Malaysia, including in Labuan, is .my and it is entirely administered by MYNIC. The online system allows the registration of your website, as long as it complies with the regulations and the applications found at the disposal of individuals. The agreement for the registration of the domain name is an important document that needs to be submitted to MYNIC on the online platform. This comprises the terms and conditions for opening and using the chosen website. An administrative and a technical contact need to be provided at the time of registration with MYNIC.
Please feel free to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Labuan and find out information about how you can open a website in Malaysia.

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