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Virtual Office in Labuan

Updated on Thursday 07th June 2018

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Virtual-Office-in-Labuan.jpgA virtual office in Labuan is recommended for foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up their operations with minimal costs compared to a traditional office. More than that, virtual office packages in Labuan can be bought by investors who want to enlarge their operations in Malaysia and get in touch with local partners. Our team of company formation in Labuan are at your disposal with comprehensive information about how you can register a company in Labuan and about how you can receive virtual office services.

What does a virtual office package in Labuan contain?

The following services are part of the virtual office packages which can be bought by foreign investors in Labuan:
  • •    a notable business address and a registered office in Labuan for your future operations;
  • •    a local phone number linked to your company’s operations in Labuan;
  • •    mail collection and forwarding in accordance with the clients’ needs;
  • •    voice mailbox, incoming and outgoing faxes as we can forward them on request.
If you would like to know more about virtual office services and about how to open a Labuan offshore company, we suggest you address your questions to our team of company formation specialists in Labuan.

Why do I need a virtual office in Labuan?

If you are an entrepreneur from abroad interested in placing a business in Labuan and test the market before any activity, we suggest you ask for virtual office services in Labuan. These are necessary services for any business person who wants to enter the market in a professional and trustworthy manner.

Why should I buy virtual office packages in Labuan?

Among the reasons why you should buy virtual office packages in Labuan, we mention the low costs related to such facilities and a professional communication between the entrepreneur from overseas and future customers of the company. We remind that our team of advisors is at your disposal with support in company formation in Labuan or for registering a Labuan trust company.

Do I receive a virtual assistant?

Yes, foreign investors interested in virtual office services will have a personal virtual assistant who will handle the phone calls, faxes, emails, and bank statements collection on request. Besides that, he/she will schedule business meetings with potential partners or collaborators in Labuan.
If you want to open a company in Labuan and if you would like to know more about virtual office services, please do not hesitate to contact our team of consultants in Labuan.


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